Thursday, 3 April 2014

Owl / Squirrel box update

Apparently the path to camera upgrades in nest boxes isn't really smooth.  When it works, it works really well.  It would appear that my squirrel pair are no longer in residence, however I did get a brief visitor earlier today which shows some strengths and weaknesses of this particular webcam

I need to deactivate the wobbly autofocus.  This can easily be done with the following command in  a linux terminal:

uvcdynctrl -v -d video0 --set='Focus, Auto' 0

I also seem to have run into a problem where it runs for approx 18 hrs then drops off the network.  Since at this point I cant SSH into it I cant tell if its still streaming and its a network problem, or whether the Pi has seized up.  I'm going to try reducing the resolution and fps and see if that makes it any more stable.  I have had this same webcam streaming in HD across my home network with a different Raspberry Pi solidly for several weeks, so I hope I haven't got a dodgy Pi one stuck up a tree now :(

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