Monday, 12 May 2014

Badger cub goodness

Well, I recently lamented the fact that all we get to see of our badgers is their bottoms as the walk away from the trail cam, last night brought us this delight of Badger with its cub:

Badger with cub, May 2014

The kids and I found we were whispering when reviewing the footage 'in case we disturbed them'....

... so I take back my previous moan at only getting badger's bottoms.

Edit 15/04/14: As spotted by SteveDee it looks like our badger cub is playing with, then eating a slow worm.  The cub plays with it a lot like my dog would play with a feather - pokes it with his nose for a bit, then pounces on it, then eats it.



  1. Is that a snake that the cub is carrying/eating?

  2. Good spot there - I had got so carried away with 'Badger' I hadn't really paid attention to what it was doing. It does look like that doesn't it? We get quite a lot of slow worms which can get quite big, it could be approx the right size...

  3. Have gone and bought a couple of PIRs and IR illuminators. Am going to have a go at a Pi-TrailCam....(or two)