Saturday, 10 May 2014

Badger's Bums

In a recent blog post I described some of the wildlife (& cats) that frequent the bottom of my garden.
The most elusive of these is our badger(s).  My trail cam has been positioned in the same place for approx six weeks now, pointing downhill across a patch of scrubby grass.  In that time I've seen the badger several times, but its always been plodding away from the camera, downhill - Giving us the now familiar "Badger's Bum" view.  I've a theory that he does a routine 'route', always in the same direction.

In an attempt to get a head-on video clip, I had the bright idea of moving the camera to the bottom of the hill, facing upwards, so I jury-rigged it to a post.  The result is shown below:

Aarrrgh ! I feel a back-garden-conspiracy of sorts going on.  There is a brief sideways glance, but no good view of the classic white stripes (the badger, not the band).

I've invested in a second high capacity SD card, and swop one out when reviewing footage on the other, so the camera is always on now in the hope of catching the elusive full face view:

I cant take the credit for this pic, but one can always hope


  1. Oh bad luck!

    I don't much about your trail cam, but I guess it has a trigger range, and once triggered it records for a minute or two. Could it be that the badger doesn't trigger the cam when walking towards it, until its very close?

    Or maybe it goes down the hill Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, and up the hill the rest of the time?

    ...I'm not being very helpful, am I.

  2. I guess he has a particularly warm backside....