Sunday, 29 April 2018

2018 Nesting Season, False starts and Late starters

I had almost given up on nesting this year after some promising early interest in the double camera box fizzled out. BUT all is not lost!...

Great Tit checking out double camera box
Side camera footage, female Great tit:

We had some nesting material brought in (this one has sound)

But that was about it for this box...

BUT all is not lost!

The BirchLog Box that I put up a week ago started off this morning like this:

BirchLog Box, Infra-red illuminated, blue tit. Clay blob on the floor, 8:30 am
The thing that looks a bit like a slug on the floor is a piece of air-drying clay which was supposed to help support the plywood roof, I used hot-glue in the end and didn't bother removing the clay, a piece fell out and seen here littering the floor.  I had thought to retrieve it, but in the end the blue tits cleared it out themselves.

By the end of the day, the box looks like this:
BirchLog box, visible light-illuminated, 6:30 pm
The blue tits have had a very busy day 1.  I got this nice pic of one on its way on:

Blue tit on its way into BirchLog box
Here are a couple of video clips of today's nest building efforts:

This is using the Infra-red illumination

This is is with the visible light leds on instead

Borrowing a feather from next doors chickens

Roosting overnight...


  1. Its been a strange cold & damp spring, so I think that has put the birds back a bit. Our 'foster parent' GTs still haven't laid any of their own eggs, despite the female spending the last 6 nights in the box!

    Anyway, I'm glad to see that it looks like things are now happening for you.

    1. This box was definitely an example of the 80/20 effort rule. Quick to setup, and nest building started within a week of it going up. Most of mY previous efforts attracted little interest and took ages to setup. Next one will be a shoe box stapled to a tree I think. I have learned from this one a that pi zero w wifi isn't great if you shut IR into hollow log. Also realised that I should have added an led to point into the centre....

    2. Well there are plenty of shoe-box designs on the net. This sportswear company even package their shoes in a special bird house box: